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Capital of Black P¨¦rigord, Sarlat is an exceptionally preserved city. More than 1.000 years of architecture live through lanes, roofs of roofing stones and fair and hot stone walls. Domme is a very attractive bastide town, in one of the best locations possible and is possibly the most beautiful town in the Dordogne. The village of LA ROQUE-GAGEAC is almost too perfect, its ochre-coloured houses sheltering under dramatically overhanging cliffs and is regularly winner of France's prettiest village contest. In the Middle Ages, Gourdon was an important place, deriving wealth and influence from the presence of four monasteries. Owing to the number of rivers and the local geology the Dordogne has some magnificent cave complexes. You will find two different types: 'Gouffres' are underground, whilst 'Grottes' are accessed from a rock face. There are spectacular villages built around cliffside troglodyte dwellings

The Dordogne

Local Attractions

The local markets are wonderful places to buy fresh produce and mementos of your visit to our area.  They are held regularly through out the year and are extremely popular attractions.

The Location

The property is less than 15 minutes away from the stunning medieval towns villages of Sarlat, Gourdon, Domme and le Roque Gageac to name but a few. You can enjoy swimming in the river or the local lakes all of which have either pebble or sand beaches and canoe trip are less than 10 minutes away. Accessible from Grolejac, the old railway line between Sarlat and Souillac has been converted to a walking / cycle way several kilometres long and even if you don¡¯t bring your own, you can hire bicycles from local businesses at St. Julien de Lampon or Carsac.

Located mid-way between Gourdon and Sarlat local shops are 5 minutes away in Grolejac where you will find a supermarket, butchers and bread shop as well as a bar and restaurant by the lake.

Local Markets

The Dordogne is resplendent with caves and outdoor attractions highlighting the activities of Cro-magnon  man and are suitable adults and children alike.


One of the most popular activities is canoeing the river Dordogne.  Less that 5 minutes away you can hire a canoe, choose how far you want to paddle downstream and be brought back to your car.


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How to Get Here

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